Our Team

At INEO our diverse team of staff members, partners, and contractors provide us with a wonderful bank of knowledge, experience, and expertise. Our team supports, encourages, learns from, and teaches one another. Realizing our own strengths and challenges allow us to continually work on ourselves, learn from our mistakes, and move forward with confidence. Our ability to recognize our own uniqueness and that of others provides us the tools to embrace inclusion and diversity. Without our differences and challenges we cannot celebrate our individuality and our strengths.

INEO is privileged to have a team of competent, reliable and empathetic individuals. They fulfill their roles at work with dedication and perseverance, and a passion that positions us as a leader in supporting individuals to move toward independence and self-determination. Our integrity is conveyed in all that we do.

Terry Deakin Jenny Fatur Deanna Gaudreault Trudy Gaudet
Terri Hebert Sara Beslic Kim Portillo Joanne Callender
Tracy Mellis Tiana Bryant Phillip Lemire

Sean Pyska


Alfred Gosselin Dozer Trish Lapointe

Kaylyn Johnson
Brent Martin Jason Gaddie Jesse Geddes Josh Isaac

Tara Sloboda

Allyson Bryant