Joseph Joe

Life hasn’t always been smooth sailing for Joe, but he made the decision to work hard to create a better life – not just for himself, but for his partner, their daughter, and their baby. Joe wanted to ensure he was able to provide a loving, supportive and safe home for them all, so he decided to put INEO’s services to the test.

A client of INEO’s for the past several years, Joe has participated in most every training course that is offered. He is more than impressed with the support and services that INEO has to offer and says if they don’t have a way to provide what you need, they will always go the extra mile to get you there through their many great contacts in the community. Joe would recommend INEO to anyone who is struggling with job placement, or is looking for retraining to build their skills.
Though Joe has had some previous work experience including stocking and facing shelves at grocery stores, landscaping and some general labour, he couldn’t finding anything long term or work he’s felt really passionate about…until now.

With Guy Langlois (former Case Manager), Joe found success working at the Bread of Life where he also volunteers during his free time, and absolutely loves it. Currently, he is working in the kitchen doing a lot of meal prep, washing dishes, cleaning kitchen etc. Joe is quickly gaining the tools and training he needs to pursue his dream of owning and operating his own restaurant in the future.

Excellent work Joe – the team at INEO is so proud of you!