High Velocity Equipment Training

High Velocity Equipment Training (HVET) is the only heavy equipment school that offers actual jobsite training. Not just pushing dirt in circles like other schools. HVET locates residential subdivision projects and teaches real skills, on real jobs and gives students real experience. HVET has a dedicated team of trainers and educators running the most comprehensive safety and heavy-equipment training program available. HVET is unique in that it trains individuals on job specific tasks as requested by employers and is the only equipment training school offering oil and gas industry specific training. Finally HVET will help you to connect with employers.

Terry Deakin is one of the seven partners who established HVET. Terry is a strong supporter of training and sustainable employment and through her participation in HVET has had the privilege to work with many equipment operator trainees in enhancing their employability. HVET is unique in its ability to provide training in the communities where training is needed.