Recycle Matters

Recycle Matters is a Training and Employment Social Enterprise operating under the umbrella of INEO Employment Services. The Social Enterprise is supporting economic, environmental, and social development in out community.

The project is designed to support skill development and employment experience while developing a mattress recycling service that now is an employment and training social enterprise. Participants of the DUAL and the RESET skills training for employment programs do their work experience there.

Our team spends time manually breaking down mattresses into separate components, and deals with each one appropriately. Sometimes they even find cool souvenirs that were stuffed into the mattress!

It is expected that 90 – 95% of the mattresses be recycled. The first stage of the project consists in learning the markets – both suppliers and end markets for the materials. Up-cycling with some of the material is now something we do. For example: There are some beautiful crates that have been made from the leftover wood. Please see below for some photos, and check out our Facebook page  or our Instagram Profile for more information on our innovative operations!


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Our process will be similar to what is featured in the  video below:

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