Sara Beslic

Program Facilitator for the Reset program

Sara’s Job Includes supporting individuals that have previous involvement with the criminal justice system, facilitating in a classroom setting on topics of employment readiness and life skills that make employment a sustainable goal for the future, using assessment tools to discover aptitudes for participants, and working towards attaining employment goals.

Sara received her Home Support Worker certification in 2019. She also has one year of Child and Youth Care studies under her belt, while she was working full time supporting and facilitating programs for at-risk youth for the town of Hinton, AB.

Sara loves anything fitness, including HIT workouts, trail-running, yoga, and stretching. She also enjoys organic gardening, fermented foods (kombucha/bread making), and spirituality + wellbeing. Centering in nature.

Wealth Consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants”

– Epictetus