Tiana Bryant

Animal Ark is currently going through some staff changes, as the manager has just left. Tiana is currently head honcho over there, and doing her best to keep everything running smoothly! She has been with the store since it changed ownership hands, so she is familiar with our customers, and what goes on within the walls.

Tiana is fairly new to the Island after finishing her first year at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. There, she took a variety of communication and services classes, which have come in handy when doing this job! She also took some intro to sociology and psychology courses that were pretty interesting.

She has first aid training as well.

Personal interests of hers include spending time with family /friends plus relaxing with a good show and some treats. Tiana also enjoys going camping, or being out on the lake swimming, boating, or tanning!

Don’t be afraid your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin”